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1999 Bills
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January 13, 1999


Today, Connecticut Bicycle Coalition was successful in getting five bills introduced into the 1999 CT Legislative Session. This was the final day for individual legislators to submit bills. Additional bills will be raised by full committees later in the session. The CBC Public Policy Committee will keep members abreast of ACTION WE NEED TO TAKE through letters, phone calls, visits, and bike rides with legislators to move what are now awesome ideas into law and reality.

At this time, bills exist essentially in a core concept format including the "Name of the Act" and its "purpose." At this time, CBC members should WRITE NOTES (postcards are ok, too) of THANKS to the named legislators for introducing these pro-bike bills. A SAMPLE NOTE and legislators' addresses follow.

The 1999 CBC Legislative Initiative Line up:

1. An Act to Create a Bicycle Drivers Education Curriculum for Public Elementary Schools. (Thank you Representative Jack Thompson, Manchester)

2. An Act to Exempt Bicycle Helmets and Lights from the CT State Sales Tax (Thank you Representative Christel Truglia, Stamford)

3. An Act to Establish Goals within the CT State DOT for increased nonmotorized transportation (Thank you Representative Robert Simmons, Stonington)

4. An Act to Establish a Legislatively Appointed Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission (Thanks again, Rob Simmons)

5. An Act to Establish Connecticut's Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Agenda (brief explanation - involving issues of appropriate land use, discouraging sprawl while encouraging urban revitalization, and protection of the natural environment) (thank you Representative Demetrios Giannaros, Farmington)

CBC will also keep an eye on CT DOT's authorizations/appropriations act this year, emphasizing language and standards compliance with TEA-21 requirements.

Ride On!


Thank you, Representative NAME, for introducing the bill named "AN ACT to..." I look forward to supporting you and all your efforts like this which will improve our quality of life and natural environment in Connecticut. More people riding more bikes more places more often. That works for me! Thanks again.


Demetrios Giannaros, 56 Basswood Rd., Farmington 06032
Jack Thompson, 118 Autumn St., Manchester 06040
Christel Truglia, 7 Gypsy Moth Landing, Stamford 06902
Robert Simmons, POB 268, Drawer 271, Stonington 06378


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