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2000 Agenda
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Right Turn Bill
Bike/Ped Comm. Bill
Update 2/24
Update - 2/8

New Board member Robin Koskey is issuing this "RFI" - request for initiatives, so you can inform the CBC Board about the composition of CBC's 2000 (State) Legislative agenda. Please respond to, with your ideas. The next CBC Board is meeting on November 18, so your reply before November 5 would be greatly appreciated.

In addition to new initiatives you may suggest, the CBC Board seeks you feedback on the following initiatives that either (a) were attempted previously in CT but failed to get out of committee or (b) have been successful in other states.

establishment of a permanent legislatively appointed Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission
amendment of statute to set goals within CT DOT to increase nonmotorized transportation (adopting goals set by FHWA)
mandatory phase -in (2-3 year) of bike parking facilities at all state owned businesses, parking lots, state parks, and other state/publicly owned property
dedication of 5 1/4% CT DOT's annual budget to on-road bicycle and pedestrian projects


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