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Update - 2/8
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2000 Legislative Agenda Update - Feb. 8

There is good news and there is bad news.

The good news is that the 100 ft right turn statute was raised today by the Judiciary Committee. I expect that the bill will come up for a hearing  within the next three weeks or so. We are planning to have Jeffrey Glaude testify from the point of view of a police officer and CBC board prez; and hopefully Atty. Don Tutson, who was hit by a car in just this situation. Does anyone have any other suggestions on others who should testify?

The bad news is that there was a transportation committee meeting today. There was an interchange between Rep. Simmons and Sen. Ciotto about the fact that the Transportation Committee would not be raising very many bills because of the shortness of this year's session and that many of the committee member bills would not be raised. I am very amazed at the sense of urgency with which all legislators are treating this year because of the very short session. I spoke to Rep. Simmons after the meeting and he said we made some progress last year with bikes legislation, but he thought it would be a waste of time for us to do any bills concerning bikes this year.

So our bills will not get raised in transportation. However, he did say he would make sure the right turn statute gets out of transportation when it goes there.So, I high tailed it down to the Environment Committee meeting and asked Jesse Stratton if she would raise at least two of our bills. She agreed, so I will get them to her tomorrow. The two bills I will ask her to raise will be the non-motorized transportation goals and the bike-ped advisory commission. We think we can justify these bills being raised in environment based on the fact that CT has really poor clean air compliance and that more bike riding would help us to have cleaner, better air.

And did you guys hear about the Governor's 7 cent /gallon gas tax cut? (Note from GY: According to the Office of Fiscal Analysis, the last gas tax cuts resulted in an INCREASE in gas tax revenue because people consumed more gas.)

IMPORTANT!!!!! Next week on Monday, February 14th, DOT will present the Southwest Corridor Implementation Plan to the Transportation Committee. I haven't read the plan thoroughly yet, but it will be no surprise to you that there is no mention of bicycles anywhere. Rep. Simmons will not be at the meeting, but Rep. Pam Sawyer agreed to ask the DOT a few questions fed by us about the DOT's bike plans. I will copy the report tomorrow and drop off for Hiller and Georgette. I need to get the questions to her this week, so time is of the essence. The report is 40 pages long; if you want a copy, email and send a check for $5 to cover copies and postage. Please let me,, know if you have ideas for questioning ASAP.

Hope your weeks are going well.



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