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For Immediate Release, March 30,2000

Contact: Rodney Bynoe, 860-527-5200
Subject: Foundations Join to Support Bicycle Education in Hartford County

HARTFORD - Connecticut Bicycle Coalition announces receipt of recent grant awards from area foundations helping fund it's youth bicycle education activities in Hartford County. The contributions of the Fisher Foundation, Hartford Courant Foundation, The Ames Foundation, the LSK Foundation, and Ensworth Foundation are supporting CBC's "Bike Rights," Hartford BMX, and Second Wind Recycle a Bicycle Barn projects.

"We are very thankful for the financial support, and also for the recognition that we are doing something very important in the lives of our young people," said CBC Youth Division Coordinator Rodney Bynoe.

CBC's "Bike Rights" is a multi-media presentation about the right ways to ride, maintain, and secure a bicycle. CBC encourages schools, churches, civic organizations, and companies in Hartford to contact them to schedule a free "Bike Rights" presentation.

Hartford BMX is a competitive race team of Hartford teenage youth who come together from neighborhoods throughout the city. Coached by Jared Strand of The Bike Shop in Manchester, the team has taken the initiative to establish a BMX track facility in Hartford. Hartford BMX presently must travel to track locations in Meriden, Bethel, Trumbull, or Torrington.

The Second Wind Recycle a Bicycle Barn, located in Hartford's Keney Park with HPD's Equestrian Unit, instructs youth in bike building and repair by refurbishing donated used bicycles. The bikes are then distributed along with a helmet and lock free through beneficiary organizations, including House of Bread, Literacy Volunteers, and Mi Casa to Hartford adult and youth residents who need a bike for transportation.

"Not everyone can or wants to play basketball, football, or an organized sport. But every kid I know wants a bike. I think a bike may be the first thing we ever say we want in life," says Bynoe, who captained the 1995 Hartford Owls football team to the State Championship.

Additional support for CBC's Youth Bicycling Education programs is provided by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and the US Justice Department's Weed & Seed Program. For more information, please contact Bynoe at 860.527.5200, or

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