We demand nothing more and will accept nothing less than safe, accessible, convenient accomodation for bicyclists and pedestrians in Connecticut.

Deadly by Design, ConnDOT's Fatal Neglect of Pedestrian Safety(NEW)
Safe Routes to School


Research & Reports

The Connecticut Bicycle Coalition strives to provide its constituents with cutting-edge information on bicycling and walking. Through our research we will dispell myths, educate planners and the public and create opportunites for the development and rediscovery of communities that value people more than cars.

On October 10, 2001 we released our first detailed examination of state transportation policy in almost 20 years. "Deadly by Design" is an in-depth look at the discrimination Connecticut's pedestrian suffer at the hands of our state DOT.

Call, write or e-mail us for a copy of the full report. Copies are available for $7.95 ea. plus postage.

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