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CBC Capacity
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Organizational Capacity

Connecticut Bicycle Coalition's capacity to do its mission is established by the expertise and experience of its Board and staff, and fortified by access to bicycle riders, visionaries, planners, engineers, industrialists, athletes, and advocates throughout the nation. With financial and in-kind support generated by a sustainable mix of grassroots, corporate, sponsor, and fee for service income, CBC also receives grants to undertake special research projects, and to purchase and provide bike related goods and services for folks who cannot otherwise afford them. CBC relies on the good will, cheer, talents, and time of volunteers who assist with everything from sealing envelopes to web page development to mapmaking to marshalling rides.

At the present time, CBC is staffed fulltime by an Executive Director and Youth Division Coordinator. The Executive Director has achieved twenty years actual and academic expertise in not for profit and cooperative business management. The Youth Division Coordinator is a 1995 honor’s graduate of Hartford Public High School, and captained the 1994 State High School Championship football team.

Board Committees - Executive; Finance & Budget; Board Development & Nominations; and Membership - exist to help the Board do its work governing the organization. Component Committees – Public Health, Safety, & Education; Publications; Public Policy; Hartford Parks Bike Tour; CT Freedom Trail; and Velodrome - work with staff delivering the array of CBC’s organizational products.



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