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CM New Haven
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New Haven Critical Mass

Critical Mass is an international movement of people envisioning and working to build a society based on people, rather than on money and machinery. Particularly, we work to promote rational and creative alternatives to automobile culture. Critical Mass is an unorganized coincidence that occurs locally, in New Haven, at 5:30pm on the last Friday of every month. We gather at the green on the corner of Church and Chapel. From there, we venture onto the streets of New Haven, where we celebrate and ride together as an autonomous, car-free body of visionary cyclists!

Please join us and help make New Haven Critical Mass huge and even more exciting! Bring signs, banners (think of a creative message, like "encourage breathing!" or "honk if you like bikes!" or "Bike lanes now!"), leaflets, horns, whistles, bells, funny hats, or anything else you can think of to help spread the car-free message and make the ride fun!

For more info about New Haven Critical Mass, contact

Upcoming New Haven 'Masses':

Fri. Jan.. 28: Meet at the New Haven Green at 5:30 PM.



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