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DOT Bike Brochure
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Problems & Recommendations

CBC Board and staff met recently with CT DOT staff to discuss a range of topics, one of which was DOT's DRAFT "Bicycle Safety" brochure. One positive outcome of our meeting was that the brochure wasn't going to be a draft until we made a good case for the DOT to open it up for review. Attached is a copy of CBC's recent letter itemizing "Problems and Recommendations" for your review.

Here's what we ask from you: (1) if you would like to comment on the draft, email me back with a postal address & we'll send you copy. Please copy CBC on any written comments.

The other positive outcome of the meeting was DOT's willingness to entertain our ideas for projects they could/should sponsor/support in addition to greenways construction. CBC seeks your ideas on 3 projects we'd like to CT DOT to undertake. We have been soliciting ideas from our allies across the USBicycling A in response to the query "the best thing my state DOT does for bikes is..." and we've gotten many interesting responses, like Share the Road multi-media campaign, funding of Safe Routes to School projects, and always including bikes in repavings/resurfacings.

Let's ride. thanks everyone. gy for cbc


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