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CT SAFE KIDS anounces a new round of funding availability through the Keep Kids Safe license plate program. the application is available online at, or phone 860-545-9988. Applications are due June 1,2000.

"Grant awards of up to $1,500 will be made to groups and individuals which address injury prevention programs for children under age 14. Grant funding shall be used for materials and programs that will impact children's safety in your community. Preference will be given to programs which distribute safety materials in combination with education on how to properly use safety items."

CBC has received funding in the past to purchase and distribute helmets, reflectors, and tail lights to kids under 14 who cannot otherwise afford them. We had also attempted to obtain funds to pay for bike maintenance and repair, stating that a big component in safe cycling is a well maintained bike- but that request was denied.

There are a couple of national helmet programs, one from Bell and other from CNS/Pro-Rider, which offer quality helmets at around $7 each. If you want info on the helmet programs, email CBC back with a postal address.

Also, if you want a letter of support to accompany your application, tell us about your project and we'll be happy to write you one.

Best wishes, and ride on...oh, ps. A note on public education and presentations. Don't forget to tell kids (and adults) that only ten percent of all bike crashes involve automobiles, that 9 out of ten times it is through our own error, another cyclist's, or a crash with peds. That's why we always wear helmets, we tell kids, to protect ourselves from ourselves!!


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