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DMV Manual

CT DMV recently told CBC President Jeff Glaude that it expects the first edition of the new and improved DMV Operater's manual will be released in May. Our chapter "Sharing the Road with Bicycles" was highly praised, and although he "still has some selling to do," says DMV's Bill Seymour, "I think it will go through with little if any changes." Although DMV wouldn't give us any kind of written acknowledgement of our work and role out of concern we would use it to raise money for the organization, (ed note: Absolutely!) CBC will be acknowledged in the manual including a presentation of our mission statement and logo.

Thanks again to all the CBC members and our advocate friends from Maine, Colorado, Michigan, and Pennsylvania who contributed to the chapter. View the chapter at /final.htm.

and Happy New Year Greetings from all of us! Ride on


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