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We believe that good facilities for cyclists and pedestrians depend on the existence of good communities.

Good communities look after the environment and promote wise land use. Good communities provide open space and recreation opportunities.

Good communities have good facilities such as libraries, schools, and parks. Good communities are built around people, not cars.

In short, we are for that which creates livable communities because these communities are, by their very nature, walkable, bikeable communities.

CBC's Record of Success - Working for You

Formed in 1977, the Connecticut Bicycle Coalition hired a director and opened the doors to its office in October 1996. Some of our accomplishments since then include:


New Pro-Bike Laws: CBC effectively lobbied to introduce and pass laws requiring considerations of bicycle transportation in all state road redesign and construction projects; clarifying that "vehicular rights of way" rules include bicycles, and doubling the fines when a motorists fail to yield to lawfully operating bicyclists and exempting bicycle helmets from the State Sales Tax.

"Sharing the Road with Bicycles" a portion of the CT Dept. of Motor Vehicles Operator’s Manual written with the help of CBC. The new manual was published in Spanish and English in 2000.


The Capitol Region Bicycle Transportation Plan – As a direct result of CBC’s participation on "CRCOG’s" Bicycle Subcommittee, the Plan emphasizes key components including, public education; promotion of a pro-bicycling culture; and capital investments directed to existing roadways.


Bicycle Recycling at the Second Wind Recycle a Bicycle Barn - CBC receives donations of used bikes; the bikes are repaired or tuned-up by trained mechanics and distributed to youth and adults through community based organizations, including homeless shelters, transitional living facilities and youth agencies.


The "Multi-Use Recreation Safety and Management Plan," and its adoption by the Metropolitan District Commission, maintaining public recreational access to 25,000 acres of water company land. A similar plan was subsequently adopted by the Southern CT Water Company to open access to mountain biking for the first time. (earning CBC and partner CT NEMBA a 1998 IMBA Model Program Awards)


VeloSwap New England at the CT Expo Center on October 16 drew 1,700 patrons and 40 vendors, exceeding all our expectations for this inaugural event.



"Bicycles Are Mass Transportation: Multi-Modal Integration," endorsed by the CT State Public Transportation Commission.


"Bicycle Safety" presentations informing thousands of young people annually about the basics of safety, maintenance and rules of the road



Sponsorship of the Hartford BMX Racing Team, with support provided by the US Justice Dept. (established 1998)



CT Freedom Trail Bike Tour event in cooperation with the Amistad Committee, linking CT’s 71 Underground Railroad and Freedom Trail sites (1998)

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