Connecticut Bicycle Coalition




Connecticut Connections

Farmington Valley Greenway

Connecticut Cycle Tours

Bicyclists Against Drunk Drivers (B.A.D.D.)

Connecticut Bicycle Racing Association (professional racing support services)

Connecticut NEMBA

Homespun Farm - Cyclists friendly accommodations in CT

Regional Connections

Major Taylor Association - Dedicated to recognizing sportsmanship, promoting nonviolence and caring for those less fortunate

The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition

The Ride Magazine

Tri-State Transportation Campaign

East Coast Greenways Alliance

New England Mountain Biking

National Connections

The Thunderhead Alliance - "A National Coalition of Organizations Advocating for Bicyclists."

The League of American Bicyclists - "...advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America."

International Bicycle Fund - promoting sustainable transport and international understanding.

Bicycling Life - A Web-Site for Everyday Bicyclists

Ken Kifer's Bike Pages - Articles on bicycle camping (bikepacking) and touring, cycling health and fitness, bicycle safety in traffic, and bicycling advocacy, plus travelogues from ten bike trips, cycling humor, and cycling links.

cgtiny.gif (1017 bytes)Chainguard Online - "Same Roads - Same Rights - Same Rules"

Adventure Cycling Association - bicycle touring resources and maps.

Bike Summer '99

The Rails - to - Trails Conservancy

Environmental News Service

American Trails

Outdoor Resources Online

John Forester's Home Page - "Cyclists fare best when the act and are treated as drivers of vehicles."

John Allen's Bicycle Articles

Guardian Bicycle Locker System


International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA)

Track Cycling

Schürmann Architects website on velodrome construction and history. Ralph Schürmann is the third generation of track designers and builders from this German family.

The EDS Superdrome, a state-of-the-art outdoor facility in Frisco, Texas, is owned and operated by Electronic Data Systems Inc.

"NO BRAKES!" Is a hardcover book on the history of track racing in the United States, available from Iris Press. E-mail

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