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CBC Director Meets with SCCOG Staff

By David Hiller, September 7, 2001

CBC Executive Director David Hiller met with Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments Assistant Director Dick Guggenheim to discuss a number of issues. Chief among them was getting to know SCCOG and developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

A pleasant surprise emerged from the meeting and left us hopeful for a strong partnership in Southeastern, CT. If his name sounds familiar, it's because Dick used to ride with the Rose City Cyclists (Rose City has long since merged with Pequot Cyclists, an active club in the Southeast). His forty-plus years of riding in the region leaves him in an excellent position to understand the infrastructure needs of area cyclists.

For those of you interested in bikability and walkability in the Southeast region, getting to know SCCOG should be a top priority. Mr. Guggenheim indicated that the public, activists and even some municipal officials don't understand the role SCCOG plays in the region. Among other things, the local Council of Governments is solely responsible for developing the region's transportation policy. It is also the conduit through which requests are made for state and federal transportation funds.

This year SCCOG adopted its Regional Transportation Plan for 2001-2002. Most significant is the hard work Mr. Guggenheim in preparing a thoughtful Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan for the region. Within it SCCOG has designated proposed bicycle and pedestrian routes and acknowledged that, "Expanding bicycle and pedestrian facilities would strengthen the region...". We'd like to thank SCCOG for their efforts on behalf of bicycling and walking in their region and we're looking forward to working with them in the future.

David Hiller is the Executive Director of the Connecticut Bicycle Coalition.

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