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1999 Bills
2000 Agenda
Municipal Contacts

Quick Releases...

VELOSWAP: Thanks to everyone who made this inaugural event a success. 1,700 patrons, 40 vendors, and lots of CBC members. Now encouraging VeloNews to conduct an evaluation, and to make commitment to return in 2000.
DMV Manual "Sharing the Road with Bikes Chapter:" Currently under review by MV, with end-November staff recommendation to Commissioner Salinas.
Mapping CT: as undertaken by Rubel BikeMaps of Cambridge, MA. Target release date Summer 2000!! more soon
BOOKKEEPING SERVICES: CBC seeks a bono and pro bono Bookkeeper! For three years, our Treasurer Jim Bussmann has volunteered to keep the ledger, prepare monthlies, and work with our auditor in IRS form 990 preparation. We are hopeful that from among our community we can find someone like our Buss-mann willing to contribute their expertise and oversight.

Hoping to hear from y'all real soon. don't forget to put a helmet on your pumpkin!

ride on, gy


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