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Sacred Cow
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Our Sacred Cow

In India the sacred cow really is a cow.
But in this land of ours that cow is made of steel
A sacred image all folks love
and one to which we kneel.
We feed it gas and oil
and give it loving care
we'd rather lose our heritage
than our tires lose their air!
This image made of steel
can travel very fast
in the homage given it
does the sacred cow surpass!
When youth of our great land
reach the age of sweet sixteen
we teach them all to drive this cow
and use the gasoline.
We fill the rivers, pave the land
with black top mile on mile.
It's hard for anyone to know
there is another style!
The fumes from this cow of ours
pollute for miles around.
Our air and lungs are filled with it
makes us wonder what we've found!
We leave our cities, move so far
there is no other way.
The buses and trains can't reach.
It really wouldn't pay
So in and out on paved roads
drive the sacred steel around
until some day the air we breathe
will lay us on the ground.
On that day when no car does move
and the sacred cow lies still.
Perhaps we'll find another way
to reach that distant hill!

Barbara Waggoner, co-founder of CBC (1977)


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