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Supporting Memberships in CBC

By Sponsoring Bicycle Shops or Retail Businesses Mean
Helping - more people - ride more bikes - more places - more often!


The natural merger of mission between CBC and CT’s bike shops.. Road safety, trail access, bike security, public advocacy "sells" bikes.
High visibility - Prominent name, address and phone number placement on all our promotional material (CBC brochures, bimonthly CT Citizen Cyclist newsletters, Hartford Parks Bike Tour registration forms), on a 2'x4' banner displayed at our Union Station storefront office, and on a flag with our pop-up, event visiting, tent.
Referrals for the general public about where to do bike business.
Exclusive opportunities to bid and win contracts for goods and services.
Co-sponsorship of events - We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.
Free promotions through store based advocacy events and activities. Advocacy is Hot!

Supporting Membership (Calendar Year): $150 (__) per store location

Can’t be a supporter? Join as a Individual Member - Annual Dues: $25 (__)

Shop/Business Name:


Owner Name:




Town - State - Zip(5+4 please!):


Phone: (_____)_________________;

Fax: (_____)__________________;

e-mail: _______________________

Print this page and sent with your check or money order to:
Connecticut Bicycle Coalition, One Union Place, Hartford, CT 06103


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