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Take A Bike Outta Crime
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For General Distribution - Request for Feedback.

CBC is producing a new english/spanish brochure geared at kids under age 14 called 

"Love It? Lock It. Ten Steps to Taking a Bike Outta Crime." 

A junior at Hartford Public High School is doing the artwork. We attempted in these "ten" steps to come up with the most essentiel behaviors both on and off a bike (i.e. bikes stolen from improper locking to bikes stolen through assaults.) When the brochure is finished, we will cut a hole in the copy area for other organizations to adopt and reproduce.

At this time, you are asked to comment on these Ten Steps. If you'd like to receive an original for your own reproduction and distribution, send a note back (email

CBC wishes to thank you for your particpation, and the CT Safe Kids Coalition for a recent grant award to help pay for artwork and printing "Love It? Lock It. Ten Steps to Taking a Bike Outta Crime."

  1. Lock It. always. unlocked bikes get lifted in a split second.

  2. Lock It to a secure rack or pole.

  3. Do Not Lend your Bike. no one cares for your bike like you.

  4. Tune-up your Bike. air, brakes, crank, and gears keep you moving safely and quickly

  5. Gear Up. helmet, lights, gloves, and bright clothing.

  6. Ride with Friends. who love their bikes, too.

  7. Plan Ahead. have a destination and a route

  8. Follow the Rules of the Road and Trail. be in control

  9. Keep your Bike in Sight. indoors and outdoors

  10. Always Expose Thieves. share what you know with your bike club and adults who will help.


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